Food and wine is abundant in this region filled with orchards, vineyards, and farms. Home to many of California’s finest museums and galleries, the valley offers a wide variety of live entertainment, events, and attractions welcoming visitors year-round.

When Jedediah Strong Smith entered California’s Central Valley in 1828, he encountered expanses of grassland, meandering streams and rivers, gigantic lakes that spread like pancakes in spring floods, vast herds of tule elk, and large numbers of Native Americans who had inhabited the land for millennia. 

In years to come, more settlers found this rich landscape, which is one of the largest valleys in the world. Today the vineyards, orchards, and fields produce 25 percent of America’s food! The communities of the Central Valley enjoy rural expanses, urban prosperity, and an abundance and variety of fresh fruits and vegetables unrivaled in the world. It truly is a land of plenty.